Are your employees secretly looking for another job?

Aug 19, 2016

A 2015 LinkedIn Talent Trends Report shows that 75% of the 18,000 full time employees surveyed considered themselves “passive” candidates. 85% of those said they would be willing to talk about a new career opportunity.

To your competitors, those employees who are “secretly but not actively” looking for another job are, potentially, easy prime targets.

If you want to avoid a sudden wave of resignations, you need to understand why employees make themselves passively available on the job market, waiting for opportunities.

The hunting for talent has never been nastier. Aggressive competitors do not hesitate to directly contact your execs or employees; no need for job hunters, the use of social media makes the task easier than ever!

Per a Recruitloop report, 85% of the current workforce in the USA are passive candidates who want to hear from recruiters – only 15% of them being satisfied with their current job. (1)

So how can you explain that 85% of your employees are open to change? One answer is the current conditions in the job market: the growing demand for good employees in the last 6 months has led to more pressure on recruiters to find innovative or creative solutions. One of the consequences has been a strong inflation on salaries.


Another report from BambooHR on 1,000 employees reveals the three main reasons why you could lose employees to the competition :(2)

  • Lack of opportunities for advancement (22 %).
  • Looking for a better work/life balance (18%)
  • Money (13%).

Per that same report, the top five deal breakers for employees are:

  • My boss doesn’t trust me.
  • Work expectations during off-time.
  • Difficult co-workers.
  • Boss blames me for his mistakes.
  • Work is not flexible.

How to avoid such a talent leak?

One of our customized services is to help you minimize such a talent leak and to strategically plan for the career progress of your employees. It is possible to avoid losing good people if you plan for their future happiness and if you make it un-motivating for them to look for another job.

We also help you develop a strong hiring/on-boarding process which dramatically increases the odds of hiring top players who will dedicate themselves to work with you – rather than against you!

If you want to know more about any of these customized services, send me a note and I will get in touch with you shortly.


Patrick Valtin,
Best-Selling Author of “No-FailHiring 2.0

(1) blog, “The Insider Guide to Passive Candidates.”
(2), “Workplace Deals Breakers.

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