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The Hard Case of Soft Skills in Personnel Selection

One of the most frustrating arguments I keep having with some new clients is about the critical importance of evaluating candidates’ soft skills (personality-related attributes) – even more so than focusing on their hard skills (technical or administrative...

Hiring Sales Representatives: Focus on Behavior

An interesting article from the Harvard® Business Review ( reveals what we have preached for years: when it comes to hiring good sales people, forget the resume, the industry experience and the hard skills. Rather, focus on the needed soft skills and...


CHALLENGES In the current, 100% candidate-driven employment market, the hunt for talent is raging and your competitors are ready to do anything to steal good candidates away from you. 86% of GOOD applicants look for specific criteria when selecting a future employer....

Tips About Drug Testing During the Hiring Process

Every employer knows about the potential liabilities attached to hiring someone who is prone to drug or alcohol use while at work. It has been reported that 10 percent to 25 percent of the American population is “sometimes on the job under the influence of alcohol or...

Hiring Millenials? Forget the “9-to-5” Workday!

Do you want to attract upbeat, productive and dedicated echo boomers or millennials – those young job hunters who started on the employment market in the 80’s? Then you’d better be informed of some vital selection criteria they are looking for, which are NOT what you...

What Is Negligent Hiring and How You Can Avoid It

Negligent hiring is the failure to properly screen employees, resulting in hiring someone with a history of violence or crime – and who commits a violent or criminal act. It normally refers to an employer’s obligation not to hire an applicant that they know or should...

No-Fail Hiring Reviews

No-Fail Hiring
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5 out of 5 stars

Petersen Pet Hospital
Petersen Pet Hospital

5 out of 5 stars

posted 4 months ago

We would highly recommend utilizing Patrick and Chantal from NoFail Hiring. We have always managed our recruiting in house and it took a lot of convincing to try. Having them help field the thousands of applications we receive and call the candidates for the first interview was so helpful and saved me a significant amount of time. We were able to hire 2 new team members! We would highly recommend giving this process a try.

Sergio Mazarakis
Sergio Mazarakis

5 out of 5 stars

posted 8 months ago

One of the best recruitment system that someone can use in order to make the hiring process in his company simple, easy and effective. This system can really help select the best candidate for the right position in your business. A must tool for every business!

Joshua Benk
Joshua Benk

5 out of 5 stars

posted 1 year ago

I use the Recru-Tech personnel testing, and I am more than happy with it. From the simplicity of using it by just digitally sending it to our applicants, to the detailed analysis that we receive after a candidate completes the test.

Even the candidates like the test and many times agree with the results.

Most importantly, is that the test provides an easy to understand and use objective technique for measuring employee candidates. My HR dept loves the test and they tell me frequently that this test was a game changer.

Thanks to the No-Fail Hiring team for training us to use the test and providing the service!

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