Hiring Sales Reps: The 8 Characteristics Of Top Closers – Part 2

Sep 7, 2016

In our previous newsletter, we were looking at the first two most vital characteristics of a top closer’s personality. What traits are common to all top closers and how can you detect those during an evaluation and with personality testing/assessment?

These two primary characteristics are (1) Performance-Driven and (2) Challenge Driven. Let us look at the next 2 vital/primary characteristics of top closers.

1. Purpose-Driven

One question to ask is: WHY are top closers so motivated to take on challenges and to always do better? The answer is simple and yet hardly noticed by most recruiters: they are purpose-driven. They are permanently energized by some objective they keep looking to achieve. It is well known that purpose is the driving force of performance. It is particularly true with sales people.

You might wonder if “making money” is a good purpose or not. The answer to that is simple: every top closer loves to make money – but the question is: Why? And you find out that they all have a good reason or a good purpose for being financially successful. Money by itself is not a senior or the only purpose but only an end to achieve something bigger.

To top closers, making a lot of money is not a motivation but rather an obligation – they have to make money in order to achieve their higher purpose. So when a candidate tells you he/she likes to make money, ask them “WHY?” and you will see the difference between purely money-motivated sales reps and those who are driven by something bigger.

Through the trait “Exchange”, the Recru-Tec Test specifically evaluates if an applicant is mostly money-oriented or if he/she has a correct concept of exchange and aspires to something bigger than “just” making money.

Free Recru-Tec Test by No Fail Hiring

2. People-Driven

One huge difference you will always notice between top closers and others is that most sales people are product-driven, while the best are above all people-driven. Considering the 3 criteria previously presented, a top closer also operates with the viewpoint that his/her duty is to help customers make the right buying decision – more than to sell the right product or service.

Top closers focus on their customer in their approach to closing. They have a high sense of curiosity that separates them from others who focus on their product knowledge to impress the customer. They genuinely work at finding out everything they need from their client in order to help them make the best decision. The well-known consultative approach to selling works only when the sales rep is willing and able to focus all his/her attention on the customer’s need & want, his problems and frustrations, his personal desires and/or fears and his emotional impulses to buy something.

In our experience over the last 27 years with training sales reps, we have observed that the majority of them would ask 3 to 5 questions before trying to convince their clients of the superiority of their product/service. Yet, the best closers would ask up to 5 times as many questions, spend sometimes over 70% of their time to “find out” – rather than argue… and close 2 to 3 times more.

Why? Because they are focused on the customer – not on the product. This is by far the most basic – yet the most challenging quality to teach to the majority of sales reps. If you are not naturally people-oriented, it is very difficult to focus on your client and forget about your product.

Top closers have high empathy (not sympathy): they look for what is best for their customers and they close them to it. And yes, with the Recru-Tec Test we can precisely detect the empathy level (or lack of) of a candidate to your sales position. Look for a combination of the traits ‘Rapport’, ‘Communication’, ‘Tolerance’ and ‘Basic Principles’.

Plus, the No-Fail Hiring System includes a standard interview process which can allow you to easily determine if the person in front of you will be fully customer-driven.

Next time we will address the 4 secondary characteristics you need to look for when evaluating candidates to a sales position and trying to predict if they will be top closer – or not.

Until then,

Best success!

Patrick Valtin,
Best Selling Author of “No-Fail Hiring 2.0”

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