How to Create Employee Loyalty – Part 2 of 3

Feb 24, 2017

In our previous article, we disclosed the number one reason why people leave their job. As we suggested, much can be done to avoid these blunders as well as the painful bleeding of your most vital resource in the business.

In this second part, you will find the second reason why you can’t keep good people!



The second most visible reason behind losing new employees is lack of attention. Once on post, the new hire has to make it go right by himself/herself. It is rather remarkable that many employers evaluate their employees’ competencies by how fast they can adapt to their new environments and job conditions without looking at the consequences of their constant job-crisis handlings.

Although it is a good indicator of ability, being left alone from the start can open the door to many drawbacks. Our experience with customers’ management challenges has shown that, when having to handle the job difficulties by themselves without anyone’s help or support, they react differently – depending on their own personality:

  • 20% of new employees find their way through and quickly develop a work pattern that fits well with your expectations.
  • 20% of them lose control within less than 6 weeks and show unacceptable performance.
  • 60% of them spend more time and energy trying to find out what needs to be done and how, rather than actually doing the job. They waste a lot of time, as well as their direct supervisor’s and yours. Nobody is really happy. After a while, management starts to doubt about their employees’ ability to make it go right.

Some of them will remain on the job because they somehow were able to handle emergencies and important issues. But in the process they also developed inefficient work habits and/or inappropriate responses to difficult work conditions.

Losing an employee within the first 3 months of hiring can cost your company the equivalent of his/her yearly salary. Evaluate the frustrations and wasted time you and other executives suffered from losing one new employee and you will easily realize you should have spent more time with them in order to make them operational and happy on the job.

All the efforts and “pain” incurred during the hiring process can be wasted in less than a few weeks, just because nobody was there to show enough attention. There are many areas where a new employee needs attention, some of which follow:

  • Meeting colleagues in the company,
  • Learning how to manage one’s new boss,
  • Getting oriented in the company,
  • Finding out about the company’s “unspoken” culture,
  • Getting to know other people in other departments,
  • Finding out who does what,
  • Finding out how to do one’s job,
  • Finding out where to find help when needed,
  • Finding out where to find tools and/or other material,
  • Detecting who one can talk to when in trouble,
  • Getting accustomed to the new working environment,
  • Detecting who one’s job depends on – besides one’s boss,
  • Getting accustomed to internal regulations,
  • Feeling integrated as part of the team,
  • Feeling happy to come to work every day,
  • Knowing how to present a complaint or suggestion,

One critical element is worth mentioning separately: how much attention is given to developing a new employee’s core competencies and know-how on the job. If you forget the rest above, this one would be the most vital attention grabber:

What are you doing to make the new employee a more competent, more knowledgeable and more performing one, as fast as possible? What training have you planned?

This key question alone can make the whole difference about how the new employee feels, as most top players’ first concerns are to quickly develop on their jobs and develop their future.

Some important aspects of personal development and training on (and outside) the job are:

  • Providing the new employee with the necessary materials and documents that precisely describe his/her job.
  • Having someone accompany the new employee on the job, or at least being available, in order to help him/her quickly develop the needed basic technical and administrative knowledge.
  • Having a checklist of all important functions attached to the job, as stated in the job description.
  • Having a training program or plan to help the new employee quickly learn about his/her job.
  • Developing a coordination plan with all employees who will be involved in the new employee’s tasks and duties.
  • Planning a series of visits to customers and/or suppliers to help the new employee get acquainted with the different people involved in the implementation of his/her tasks.
  • Having a training and coaching program, including performance appraisals and development action plans.

We suggest that you develop a checklist containing all of these above points, which can show a new employee what you have planned, to ensure a swift, smooth integration into the team and a fast development on the job. And make it part of your employee policy book.

To your success,

Patrick Valtin
Best Selling Author “No-FailHiring2.0


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