How to Hire Like a Boss in 2016!

Jan 14, 2016

Welcome to 2016! This year, a “newer” style of hiring and recruitment has come into play: Recruitment Marketing.

If you follow our blog on a weekly basis, I’m sure that you have heard us talking about this “Recruitment Marketing” quite often. Well that is because it has caught up with most major companies out there (including many Fortune 500s) and it is now time for the rest of the small business world to learn about it.

Recruitment Marketing is the strategies and tactics an organization uses to find, attract, engage and nurture talent before they apply for a job. This is called the pre-applicant phase of talent acquisition. (1)

To go more into the details of what Recruitment Marketing REALLY is, gives us this very descriptive definition:

Recruitment Marketing is every tactic—content marketing, email nurturing, social recruiting, mobile recruiting, career site, SEO, employee referrals, talent networks, job marketing, employer branding, recruiting events, recruiting analytics, CRM—that a talent acquisition team uses to find, attract, engage and nurture leads in order to convert them into more qualified applicants to fill jobs now and in the future.


What does this mean in comparison to “older” recruitment styles? Well, if your company still operates by:

  • Getting new job applicants through your emails,
  • Having a generic “we have job openings” page on your website,
  • Keeping an excel spreadsheet of applicants
  • Saving applicants’ resumes in a folder on your desktop
  • Etc…


In all honesty, this archaic style of hiring is much more difficult to operate than today’s Recruitment Marketing systems. Today’s hiring technologies allow you to literally cut your recruitment time and energy spent IN HALF. Let’s take a look at this new system.


Find and use an ATS.

An ATS stands for Applicant Tracking System. It’s a web based platform that allows you to receive, screen and move through various statuses each and every applicant that applies to your job. It saves you time, money and hard drive space on your computer by saving all information on the applicants directly in the clouds. Note: Ensure the platform you use is mobile friendly as 89% of job seekers use their phone/tablet to find jobs.

Have your company’s jobs branded

By using an ATS, you can create your own portal where every applicant lands on to apply to your jobs. This portal can be fully branded with your company’s logo and company profile. This is a great way to have anyone apply to your jobs and also share with their friends.

Promote your job across all Job Boards

There are thousands of job boards on the Internet, each one with their own niche of job seekers. Find the ones that fit who you are looking for and place your branded job ad on there. Tip: some platforms allow you to directly place your job portal link in the job ad in order to easily receive applicants through your ATS.

Use your current employees

Employees hired through employee referral are hired 55% faster than those who came through a career site. Not only that, but they tend to last longer as well. There are many games one can play with their employees to have them give you names of their friends and families that are looking for a job.

Use SEO and Pay-Per-Click

Your Job Portal is connected through the web. Having it SEO friendly just means that the platform you use is recognized by search engines like Google, and your job ad has many keywords that can potentially be found by job seekers. A little trick to “think outside the box”, is to create a Pay-Per-Click campaign on your job ad so that anyone looking for your job can find it by typing it in a search engine.


The search for talent is raging, and you can bet that your competitors have their job ads out there as well. Also, job applicants don’t only apply to your job; they usually apply to dozens if not more. Therefore, it is VITAL that you move fast through the process. Once a person applies, screen them, deliver a phone interview, get them in, test them, and hire them. It should be as quickly as this.

Much More

We haven’t even covered half of the actions you should undertake this year to find and hire top employees for your company. Things like Onboarding and techniques for the interviews are as important (if not more) than what we covered today. Recruitment Marketing is the way of the future, so ensure you get on it as soon as possible!


Of course this article was written to help you, the hard working small business owner, surround yourself with the best team members. But it was also to tell you that we can help you implement all this TODAY!

Our No-Fail Hiring System is one of the best Recruitment Marketing tool out there. Add to that our foolproof hiring procedure, and you get our Enterprise Training. We have implemented this system in many small businesses with amazing results.

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To your success,

Steve Valtin

Executive Director
No Fail Hiring

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