How to Avoid Them and Only Keep the Best

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 41% of companies say that a bad hire has cost them at least $50,000!

Staggering no?

The datum that Top Employees are the back-bone of Top Companies could not be any more true today. Therefore it is vital that everyone get’s on board and recognizes that something needs to be done about it.

Before you get going and look for a new staffing solution, see what you need to do for yourself. You need to find and attract top employees, then when they are hired, you need to MAKE SURE they feel confident they made the right decision by giving them an amazing first day on the job. This is called “onboarding”.

Characteristics of a bad hire:

  • Failure to produce high quality work
  • Failure to work well with others
  • Negative attitudes
  • Immediate problems with attendance
  • Employee caused customer complaints
  • Failure to meet deadline

Employment isn’t what it used to be, especially when seeing the number of staffing companies out there. What you need is a fool-proof procedure that will ensure hiring and recruiting success. (Have you heard of our No-Fail Hiring Project…?)

Don’t surround yourself with bad hires. Get No-Fail Hiring to find you 10 QUALIFIED APPLICANTS today!!

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