We send you qualified applicants until you get the right one on the job!


In the current, 100% candidate-driven employment market, the hunt for talent is raging and your competitors are ready to do anything to steal good candidates away from you.

86% of GOOD applicants look for specific criteria when selecting a future employer. If you don’t know what those criteria are, you will NOT attract them. Classical job ads only attract people who are just money-motivated.

On average, it takes a small business over 30 hours of work just to prepare an attractive job posting, to post it on over 80 selected job boards, to scan all incoming resumes and to plan for your first interviews.. But this does NOT guarantee success in bringing in qualified candidates.


We are expert marketers in the recruitment business. We will create a full campaign to attract, pre-select and provide for 1st interview as many qualified applicants as needed to fill a specific position. Specifically, we will:

Create your customized job posting

Create a dedicated landing page in the name of your company.

Create a customized job application form.

Post your job ad on over 80 online job boards.

Manually harvest & analyze in-coming resumes with our customized applicant tracking system.

Package the information and send you those who qualify for 1st

Provide you with our confidential guide on our No-Fail Hiring Interview technique.

Provide you with a reference check consent form for selected applicants.


This unique service starts at $995.00 (not including promotional budget) per campaign.

We guarantee to deliver as many applicants as it takes to find the right person on the job.

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Hiring - We act as your own hiring department and find you qualified candidates

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