We are Recruitment Marketing Experts.

With an increasingly competitive employment market, you MUST consider recruitment as a marketing effort first. And the REAL challenge is NOT to find good candidates but to ATTRACT them.


Doing your own recruitment could sometimes take over a month to accomplish and bring a bigger chance of employee lawsuits. Outsourcing your recruitment process to us will make it as easy and worry free as possible!


Recruiting new employees gives you less time to concentrate on your existing team members. We all know that taking care of your current employees is as important as finding great new ones. We’ll take care of finding the new ones!


Let’s face it: an unfilled job position is costing you money. Also, a bad hire has been shown to cost up to $50,000. A good hire is definitely needed and sought for. That is what we strive to achieve at No-Fail Hiring!


We have evaluated over 25,000 applicants in over 30 different countries. This staggering number gives us the competitive edge over every and all of our competitors!

How much does it cost you?

Internal costs of recruitment marketing (operated internally without the help of experts)) include:

  • Marketing expertise needed to develop attractive, effective the job ad, the company profile and the job description.
  • Experience with the global employment market, its natural trend and development – including a strong knowledge of the “competition” (more than 120,000 companies in the USA are trying to hire GOOD people every single week).
  • Manpower to promote, manage and pre-select the high volume of responding applicants (knowing that between 85% and 95% of them do NOT qualify).The estimated total number of hours spent on ONE mission is over 80 hours – not including the actual interviewing time.
  • Expertise with cloud-based marketing systems which help reach more than 60 online job boards and with applicant-tracking systems which heavily reduce the time and the cost of that vital function.
  • Time incurred in starting and completing a mission. The average length of time to fill a non-managerial position in the USA is over 10 weeks. It goes up to 4 months for managerial positions.

We estimate the actual cost of Recruitment Marketing at $5,000 for the average small-to-medium sized business, when operated internally. And that does NOT guarantee success of the mission.

We take care of the whole recruitment marketing mission for half that cost! With the guarantee that we will send you up to 10 Qualified applicants – on average our clients hire their best applicant(s) after having interviewed 4 to 6 pre-selected candidates.

HALF the cost with an iron-pressed GUARANTEE! How can you lose?

We are originally a Training / Consulting company!

No-Fail Hiring is part of New Era Management International, a worldwide coaching and training company dedicated in providing business owners and entrepreneurs with the most effective management services.

New Era Management International, an M2-TEC USA, Inc. company, was founded by Patrick V. Valtin in 2002. Patrick Valtin is the author of “No-Fail Hiring – Your Ultimate Guide to Attracting and Recruiting Top Players in a Troubled Economy”.

New Era Management helps business owners in these fields:

  • Hiring
  • Sales
  • Leadership
  • Marketing
  • Business Expansion
  • Organization
  • Etc…

For more information on New Era Management and its services, please visit  www.neweramanagement.com

When you choose to hire No-Fail Hiring, you don’t just get a Hiring agency.

You get a team of business coaches that help you expand all the way through!


This service is truly revolutionary. I said ‘goodbye’ to all those recruiting agencies who only want your money without any responsibility for the ‘product’ they are selling! Now I am hiring employees with confidence and certainty!

Dmitri Gavrin

This information is really a must for anyone that had/has trouble with finding the right people for his/her company.

Eric Helle

No-Fail Hiring works! Simple, effective techniques to save you time, money and effort. I highly recommend anyone who has to hire employees to take advantage of this information.

Jim Mathers

Patrick delivers 2 day trainings every year in my company. With that, our numbers have grown in these past 8 years from 8 million to 20 million. That’s all that really needs to be said on that, right?  I highly HIGHLY recommend his hiring system. He’s a genius and a wonderful person.

Joy Gendusa

I highly recommend NO FAIL HIRING to anyone who is in business. It could save you from grief and the loss of thousands of dollars.

Kathy Wach

Unlike other systems that are made up of theories that move through the working world like fads of fashion, this is proven hiring technology. Techniques that work and get results. Any company that is interested in building a great team of employees, without the expensive and frustrating hit-and-miss that comes with hiring the wrong people, would benefit tremendously from the No-Fail Hiring System.

Ben Ochart

We just had the No-Fail Hiring Implementation Program delivered to us. I have been hiring for 27 years and this is the best system I have ever used. I highly recommend the No-Fail Hiring System.

Dr. Chuck Simon

No-Fail Hiring provided my company Digicon with their implementation workshop. It included coaching and lessons of step-by-step best processes for day-to-day recruiting and interviewing. I recommend the No-Fail Hiring System to any Executive or Business Owner who wants to be surrounded by the right people.

John Wu

Get the best team with No-Fail Hiring!

You deserve the best team in your company. NO-FAIL HIRING can help you expand your business by providing the best Human Resource service, so that you can concentrate on the other aspects of your organization!