Why You Should Outsource All Of Your Hiring Actions

Apr 26, 2016

Out of all the tasks and duties you have in your company, I bet that hiring or recruitment wasn’t the first thing you had in mind when you read the title of this article. Yet, it is known to be the most important and valuable action to undertake in any businesses. So why should you outsource your hiring and recruitment actions? Let’s take a look at some pointers that may give you a new viewpoint to this delicate, yet extremely important task.

1. It will save you money.

There are 3 parts to this point. First off, having your open position open for a long time is known to actually make you LOSE money. This is from potential income that could have come in from having that position filled. Second is the cost of turnover. According to Fast Company, one bad hire can cost you upwards to $50,000! By having a professional team of trained recruiters and hiring consultants, this kind of thing can be reversed and lower your turnover ratio. And lastly, it will be cheaper than using your or your Human Resource department’s time and effort. By concentrating on you current team’s needs and wants and ensuring the correct onboarding process is in place, you will see greater results in your company. Having trained recruiters take the time to find, attract, screen, test and place new employees will inevitably cost you less than using your own resources. According to the Wall Street Journal, it takes an average of 25 days (full time) to find and place a new employee.

2. You will receive more qualified candidates.

Trained recruiters and hiring consultants know where the best job seekers look for their next ventures. Knowing that there are literally thousands of job boards on and off the web, targeting qualified candidates and presenting them your job can be quite a challenge. This is why outsourcing your job to Recruitment Process Outsourcing companies can be a lifesaver. Just like how outsourcing your marketing to a marketing agency can improve your lead to conversion rate, outsourcing your recruiting functions to those that are better at recruiting can improve the speed and the quality of your hires and candidates.

3. Be fully compliant with the EEOC

One of the toughest aspects of hiring and recruiting new applicants is to be in full compliance with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. If done right, you are legally safe. If done wrong, it could cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars. One wrong question, one misplaced record and it could be enough to hurt your company in a big way. Trained recruiters and hiring consultants know the laws and know which questions they should or should not ask. More pertinently, they know how to ask the CORRECT questions that would make any candidate speak openly, and keep it fully legal. Recruitment Process Outsourcing companies also keep all the records of every single applicants that apply to your job. This fits perfectly with the EEOC’s request to keep every applicants full records for up to 2 years.

4. Eliminate the “Subjectivity” in hiring.

If you are one of our frequent blog reader, you should remember this word we so often use in our articles: Subjectivity. The word subjectivity literally means: “judgment based on individual personal impressions and feelings and opinions rather than external facts.” (dictionary.com) Subjectivity is the big killer in hiring. Not only can “gut feelings” dramatically increase the risks of a bad or negligent hire; it also opens the door to employment discrimination. Subjective criteria are legally scrutinized because of the fear that they can be manipulated for a discriminatory purpose. Trained Recruiters and hiring consultants know that subjectivity is not to be used. Only results and facts come into consideration when sending the new applicant to the client. This makes it easy for the business owner to then go into the first interview with the candidate knowing that he has past all “non-subjective” tests by his recruitment team. This leads to a better hire, a more productive team and an expansion in the business.

5. Less stress = bigger expansion.

As I mentioned before, knowing that a trained team of recruiters is taking care of finding, attracting, screening and taking care of the full hiring process for you will inevitably lead to you concentrating on your other tasks as a business owner. By outsourcing your hiring actions to a Recruitment Process Outsourcing team that will take great care of finding your next team players, you will be able to concentrate on booming and helping your current team that will in-turn deliver greater products to your customers. This will lead to a greater expansion of your company and lower the stress of “having to find someone now!”


If you think you need some help finding qualified applicants for your business, or would like to streamline a perfect recruitment plan for your organization, then consider using a Recruitment Process Outsourcing company. Recruitment Process Outsourcing companies can manage the entire recruiting/hiring process, or can manage multiple aspects of the process, essentially serving as an extension of the company’s human resources department.

To your success,

Steve Valtin
Executive Director of No-Fail Hiring

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